Wednesday, March 11, 2015


My new lunch best friends :) These are so quick to make and even easier to eat. Surprisingly enough there is a trick to making them so that they stay fresh longer.

The goal is to keep the wet ingredients at the bottom with the dressing and set the dry ingredients between them and the lettuce. The mason jar lids give the salads an air tight seal so they keep very well in the fridge. 

This is a protein packed Italian salad.

-Wishbone fat free italian dressing
-1 hard boiled egg white
-Black olives
-Cooked shelled edamame
-Shredded cheddar cheese
-Cashew pieces
-Greens of your choice

-Start by adding 2+ tablespoons of dressing to the bottom of a pint sized mason jar (quart if you want the salad to be your main meal option). 
-Add layer by layer of each wet ingredient.
-Add cashew pieces and shredded cheddar
-Mash as many greens on top as possible and seal the jar.

Store in the fridge and they are good to go!

I honed in my salad-in-a-jar skills because of this awesome lady! Cassie from Back to Her Roots:

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